The Many Faces Of Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has many faces in his arsenal of acting, the number one and two spots being filled by punching and and firing a gun. But that’s not the only thing Vin is capable of.  He is very good at angry and confused and that weird thing he does when he screws his face up that can fall anywhere on the scale between grumpy cat and Anne Hathaway crying in Les pitch black2 He occasionally throws in smug too.

A Man Apart – this is the most angry Vin has ever been in his life. So angry he might actually chew his own face diesel3

The Pacifier – nothing confuses Vin Diesel more than a diesel5

A Man Apart again- confused and sad vin man apart

Fast Five – the closest Vin has ever gotten to a rom-com. You two, just kiss already!Film Title: Fast Five


The Fast And The Furious – that  weird mouth breathing face. Really not sure what is going on here.
vin fast2

Chronicles Of Riddick – a perfect combination of that face and angryvin riddick2

Chronicles Of Riddick again – most definitely confusedvin diesel riddick

Boiler Room – Smugface!vin diesel boiler room

xXx – no wonder he is confused, do you know how difficult this movie is to search for on the internet??

The Fast And The Furious again – don’t think he is intentional aiming for angry here but I would be reluctant to take his hand just in case he ripped it straight out of the socket. vin diesel1
Pitch Black – that face again, gormless yet slightly pitch black

Babylon AD – he is angry, it is about to kick off, just you babylon ad

Fast Five again – its a little bit angry, a little bit confused and a whole lot of grumpy fast3

Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift – ‘Of course I’m smug, I have every right to be, my 20 second cameo is the best thing about the entire movie.’fast-and-the-furious-tokyo-drift-vin-diesel

Ever wondered what Vin Diesel would look like if was a hipster? Well give him a trendy haircut and a hipster beard and actually he looks like Tom Hardy pondering life. hipster vin

Chronicles Of Riddick again – he is one angry dude with silver riddick
Fast and Furious – never give a confused man a shotgun, it will end badly.Fast-Furious-vin-diesel

Saving Private Ryan – it’s that face again.Vin-in-Saving-Private-Ryan-

xXx again – Smug because he has spotted his own reflection in the car window. ‘Looking good Vinnie!’  vin diesel fur coat

Fast and Furious – I don’t know which number F&F this is but he is either really angry or preparing for a sandwich eating competition. vin diesel2

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