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Frozen II – review

Queen Elsa is ruling her kingdom of Arendelle just fine, but personally she is a bit discontent and just may be something in the wild is calling out to her. It has taken 6 years for the sequel to Frozen to arrive and all those

Underwater – review

A huge mining complex on the ocean floor has exploded and the remaining workers must try to reach the surface, only there might be some deep sea monsters in their path. One part disaster movie to two parts creature movie. If you have seen Alien

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker – review

The final part in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the new heroes are front and centre and must fight the new villains one last time to save the galaxy from tyranny etc etc. Well this movie sort of takes place where the previous movie, The

Sonic The Hedgehog – review

Everyones favourite hedgehog gets his own movie. Here Sonic is actually an alien hiding out in small town America trying to avoid echidnas (I think) who want to kill him and Dr Robonik who also wants to kill him. How exactly can you add a

Bad Boys For Life – review

Will Smith and the other one return to Boy Boys for a third movie. Just 17 years after the already past it’s 90s sell by date Bad Boys II, they return to solve crime in sunny Miami only this time, they are old. That’s it.

Charlies Angel’s (2019) – review

A continuation of sorts of the Charlie’s Angels franchise last seen in cinemas during 2003, did we need this? Did we want this? Is it better than the Barrymore/Diaz/Liu installments. No. The answer is no. This movie is terrible. Do you remember that scene from

Jumanji Next Level – review

A sequel to the Rock Jumanji movie released in 2017. Its more of the same, trapped in a game, avatars look different to real life people and they get chased by animals and try not to die. If you watched Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

The Hunt – review

A group of strangers is wakes up in a strange location to find they are being hunted down and killed. The only one who appears smart and good with a gun is Crystal (Betty Gilpin), is determined to take out anyone that tries to kill

The Invisible Man – review

Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) leaves her long term abusive boyfriend. Not long after he commits suicide, but, and this is a big but, not only is he not dead, he is still a long term abusive boyfriend only now he is invisible. Great. Well this movie

Dark Waters – review

A lawyer working for a large corporation uncovers a plot involving a chemical company knowingly polluting and poisoning an entire community and possibly more, for a very long time. Generally speaking if Mark Ruffalo picks a film to star in, it is going to be