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Baywatch – review

A film version of the 1990s TV show, that nobody asked for, staring The Rock and Zac Efron. So has The Rock got enough charm and charisma to power Baywatch? It worked for last years Central Intelligence and San Andreas the year before, but it

Wonder Woman Sells Everything Superman Sells, but like for girls

The Wonder Woman promotional machine has well and truly kicked in, there is a lot of, well, stuff with Wonder Woman on it. And while having Wonder Woman sell diet bars is probably a bad idea ( don’t you consider a company called thinkThin has

Beauty And The Beast – review

The live action version of the much loved Disney animation. Emma Watson playing the one in yellow dress and Dan Stevens being the goat-man. This film looks like a lot of money was spend on it that’s for sure. I should tell you up front

Get Out – review

When established couple Chris and Rose take a weekend holiday to visit her parents for the first time. They are over accommodating and just feel a little bit too nice and the rest of the town also feels a little off too. What really is going

Turbo Kid – review

Set in a post apocalyptic 1997, the Kid is surviving alone, he has a bmx and a comic book called Turbo Rider. He makes a friend, the strangley happy Apple and they fight a local bloodthirsty overlord. There is synth music, fountains of fake blood

The Colour Red in the Movies

The colour red is a big colour to use in the movies. Usually representing anger or passion. While it is not an unusual colour to use, unlike green, it is often only used sparingly, maybe only a single splash of colour, one object or one

xXx: Return Of Xander Cage

The sequel to the Vin Diesel xtreme spy movie from 2002 that nobody asked for, but Vin Diesel wanted to do to prove there is something else for him other than the Fast & Furious franchise. Wow is this film both bad and pointless. I

Weekly Roundup – 27 May 17

There is nothing that Will Smith could have possibly said that could be that funny. Jessica Chastain you are overdoing it just a bit. Anyone else think Sophia Bush looks like a Stormtrooper that has just taken their helmet off? Gal Gadot fixing another Wonder

The Many Faces of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks surprisingly has only one face, that of a trusted friend. He is an all round good guy. In whatever form, Tom Hanks is a hero A hero you believe in One you want to follow One who leads in tricky situations One who

Alien Covenant – review

This 6th installment in the Alien series follows the crew of the spaceship Covenant, but these are no miners, marines or scientists, but colonisers (is that a real word?). They are all pretty dull and make some terrible decisions, it is only when  they meet