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Bad Guys You Wish Had Won

Magneto sometimes you wish just once the leader of the mutant resistance would catch a break, maybe it is because his enemy is a psychic who always knows his plans. Just once you want his grand ideas to be put into practice and be sassy

Are they going to fight or are they going to kiss?

Have you noticed there are scenes in movies where two characters are having an angry face off before they start fighting, and somebody in the theatre yells, ‘kiss him!’ Maybe the endings would have been improved had kissing been involved rather than fighting? Bruce Waynes

Hagrid, Hobbits and the rules of standing next to people at premieres

Some people are short and some people are tall that is just the way it is. But some people can’t help but stand out, because of their height. Sometimes the distraction techniques in use are what grabs your attention in the first place and then

Child actors who have made it to adult success

There are always stories of child actors who go off the rails. Too much money and fame. Disney kids like Lindsay Lohan never getting to be an adult actor. Macaulay Culkin who was a grown up and not a cute little 10 year old. That

The Colour Red in the Movies

The colour red is a big colour to use in the movies. Usually representing anger or passion. While it is not an unusual colour to use, unlike green, it is often only used sparingly, maybe only a single splash of colour, one object or one

Bella Hadid loves sitting

Bella Hadid loves sitting down, see here for a previous look at how often she sits and how uncomfortable she is while doing so.  All of the following images are taken from her own Instagram account but with a little bit of tweaking they can

How to be Wolverine

We have seen Logan and actually thought it was good we now all want more Wolverine but Hugh Jackman has decided to hang up his claws, who is going to replace him? I don’t know . But I think I have found the magic formula

Odd Couple – one of Adam Sandlers posse and that girl from Glee

Well here is an odd couple for you, so odd that when I heard this I thought it was an April Fool for sure (and I am still not 100% convinced that it isn’t a trick) You don’t frolic in the pool with your dads

Are Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart becoming the same person?

For a while I thought that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus looked alike, but now I see that it is Bieber and Kristen Stewart are following the same haircuts. Yes he may have a thing for wearing excessive amounts of layers that are really long.

Shower Scenes in the Movies

There are many reasons why people take a shower in the movies and nearly none of them are because they smell. The cathartic shower – you have had a very bad day and need the shower to wash away the pain and the metaphorical (or real) dirt.