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Weekly Roundup – 10 Jul 18

There is no two ways about it, Beyonce definitely looks like Jay-Zs glamorous and probably overpaid and certainly not in sensible shoes carer.  Noomi Rapace sure does wear some odd clothes, (more on this some other time) but for now just observe Papa Smurf  and

Weekly Roundup – 29 Jun 18

Poor Justin Bieber, he clearly needs a mother to tell him he can’t possible leave the house looking like that; specifically like the love child of Bjorn Borg and Magnum PI. The less said about Spencer Pratt trying to flog his own ‘Pratt Daddy’ diamante

Weekly Roundup – 19 Jun 18

When you look at the 3D glasses you get from the cinema and convince yourself that they could work as sunglasses. Naw mate, they look stupid.  Does anyone else get serious  funky Chinese hat vibes from John Cena and Nikki Bella or is it just

Weekly Roundup – 08 Jun 18

You know that awkward moment at work when you get stuck with a person you only ever say hello to in the corridor and its now been approximately 4 minutes and the polite conversation about the weather and how bad the traffic was this morning

Weekly Roundup – 24 May 18

Normally we only have to put up with Charlie Hunnams terrible fake accent but it looks like in Papillon we will have to put up with terrible fake tattoos this time too.  I’m not entirely sure who this is, but it isn’t Halloween and I’m

Weekly Roundup – 08 May 18

I am so glad that Justin Timberlake turned up for the N’Sync, Walk of Fame Star, because I seriously wondered what the guy from Papa Roach, Rylan Clark, Loki and Guy Fieri were all doing together. It was a busy week for selling something by

Weekly Roundup – 24 Apr 18

Does anyone else think Evan Rachel Wood is channelling R2D2 here? Or is it just me? In a world of Freddy Krueger and Dennis The Menace, Liam Payne is definitely a Dennis. Lea Seydoux has the exact face you wear when you turn up to

Weekly Roundup – 10 Apr 18

Elizabeth Olsen is either doing an Incredible Hulk impression or demonstrating that you really shouldn’t skip leg day.  Can we take a moment to appreciate the pout on Loki and his unicorn phone cover. No wonder they always  stick the Jesus wannabe at the front

Weekly Roundup – 30 Mar 18

Lets hope the Broadway run of Lobby Hero is short, that way Chris Evans will be able to cut his hair and get rid of that moustache. He looks like he should be belittling new recruits during the Vietnam war.  Whereas Andrew Garfield definitely has

Weekly Roundup – 18 Mar 18

Don’t be distracted by the hat mark around Prince Williams head, the real question is how exactly has he gotten hold of a pint of Guinness in a Starbucks?   Zayn Malik now has two ex-girlfriends tattooed on his body and a rose that looks