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Bloodshot – review

Based on a comicbook I have never heard of, Vin Diesel is a marine killed in action, brought back to life with superpowers by Guy Pierce’s nefarious tech company, hell bent on revenge. Okay so this a Vin Diesel movie so you know what to

Vin Diesel Loves Wearing White pt2

Previously we have talked about Vin Diesel and his wardrobe. He loves a pair of white jeans, really hates sleeves, and makes an odd choice or two but he also really, really loves a white vest or just a white top of any kind. You

Vin Diesel Loves Wearing White pt 1

Vin Diesel absolutely has a favourite colour when it comes to his wardrobe and that colour is white. Just how many pairs of white jeans does this man own? Too many I tell you. But he does look happy in those white trousers.

Weekly Roundup – 24 Apr 18

Does anyone else think Evan Rachel Wood is channelling R2D2 here? Or is it just me? In a world of Freddy Krueger and Dennis The Menace, Liam Payne is definitely a Dennis. Lea Seydoux has the exact face you wear when you turn up to

Are they going to fight or are they going to kiss?

Have you noticed there are scenes in movies where two characters are having an angry face off before they start fighting, and somebody in the theatre yells, ‘kiss him!’ Maybe the endings would have been improved had kissing been involved rather than fighting? Bruce Waynes

Weekly Roundup – 30 Jul 17

This photo from Comic-Con 2017 left me as confused as Ben Affleck looks. What a strange outfit Ezra Miller is wearing, just a hat and cape, no shirt? That is a bit extreme? It can’t be that warm in hall H can it? Okay, so

The Fate Of The Furious – review

The 8th movie in the Fast And Furious franchise, there are still plenty of ridiculous action scenes involving cars, what makes it different this time around, well Charlize Theron is the bad guy, she lives on a plane and she is blackmailing Vin Diesel to

xXx: Return Of Xander Cage – review

The sequel to the Vin Diesel xtreme spy movie from 2002 that nobody asked for, but Vin Diesel wanted to do to prove there is something else for him other than the Fast & Furious franchise. Wow is this film both bad and pointless. I

Celebrities love holding stuff (especially animals)

The internet can be a wonderful place, here is a small collection of strange photos of celebrities holding things that I think you should see and appreciate. Here is an old picture of The Rock holding a rock, like some sort of never ending time

Weekly Roundup – 04 Apr 17

The villain to be featured in Spider-Man Homecoming is Vulture, while I appreciate that they are going for that furry ruff ┬áthing from his costume, really it looks like Vin Diesel has seriously let himself go, hasn’t been to the gym for a year and