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Weekly Roundup – 11 Jul 17

It has been a slow couple of weeks, but here are a few stories gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You know you have made it when you get Batman to make sure nobody stands on your dress.  You may have seen this photo on

Celebrities love hiding their curly hair

Have you noticed how many celebs nowadays are getting rid of their curly hair? But I say it is time to embrace the curl and put down the straighteners, stop hiding the ringlets with keratin and get back to the roots. Top of the list

Weekly Roundup – 27 Jan 17

It’s a slow going out there this week, but did you notice Justin Bieber? Those pointed boots, that haircut and those figure hugging jeans. I haven’t seen him look this much like a lesbian since he took Selena to the prom.   What about the poster

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Rain in music videos

Previously we have talked about rain in the movies, so now we should probably turn our attention to rain in music videos. The classic use of rain in music videos is rain through a window. Cars, high-rise apartments both work well. If your sad and

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Odd Couple – The guy that was from one direction and that model who is mates with Taylor Swift

While far from odd, these too are actually incredibly pretentious. While I am sure they are far from horrible but they just aren’t all that likeable are they?   Clearly they bonded over a love of being a clothes horse. Having fun with equally famous

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Jonas Brothers, Disney and the Taylor Swift connection

Now I still struggle with knowing which Jonas is which. The third one is off the grid, so you can forget about him. Nick is the one that always looks confused and has eyebrows that make him look both a little surprised and possibly  constipated

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Odd Couple -a Jonas Brother and Phil Collins daughter

So Lily Collins and Nick Jonas are probably a good match for each other. Both of them are people you recognise but aren’t quite sure what their name is or what you have seen them in. Lily Collins is best known for being the other

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Weekly Roundup – 29 January 16

Someone should tell Daniel Radcliffe not to worry if you don’t feel like smiling. Just don’t smile. If you try it and your face isn’t ready you’ll just end up looking super awkward and uncomfortable. Gwen Stefani, what has happened to you. Just because you

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Who’s Who Guide to Kylie and Kendalls Selfie Squad

Lets talk about the younger set of Kardashian sisters – the Jenners. Now I know we hava already talked about the Kardashians here. But the two teenages are quickly overtaking the older ones in attention, selfies and number of famous friends. The first thing you need

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Weekly Roundup – 17 July 15

Ne-yo is clearly a massive Agent Carter fan, because this is some serious cosplay right here. There is a fine line between obnoxious and adorable and the Beckham boys are teetering on the edge and quite frankly could go either way. Who from the original