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Weekly Roundup – 07 May 17

  I know I have gone on a lot lately about Chris Pratts obvious use of the ‘you’ve caught me doing up my buttons’ pose but the reason why he does it becomes obvious when you see Billy Crudups rather awkward pose on the Alien

Joe Jonas loves his fan

  Joe Jonas has given modelling a go and while I think the eye is supposed to drawn to his package, I think the biggest distraction is how much he loves that desk fan. He carries it with him, all the time, even when he

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Odd Couple – The guy that was from one direction and that model who is mates with Taylor Swift

While far from odd, these too are actually incredibly pretentious. While I am sure they are far from horrible but they just aren’t all that likeable are they?   Clearly they bonded over a love of being a clothes horse. Having fun with equally famous

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Jonas Brothers, Disney and the Taylor Swift connection

Now I still struggle with knowing which Jonas is which. The third one is off the grid, so you can forget about him. Nick is the one that always looks confused and has eyebrows that make him look both a little surprised and possibly  constipated

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Weekly Roundup -05 April 16

You know how to make yourself look better looking? How to make your pout even more trout like? Easy, make sure all your friends are mingers. With bad teeth, tired eyes (and if possible smell a little bit like a geriatric cat) then you will totally

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Weekly Roundup – 01 April 14

Not a lot going on in the world this week, well nothing worth irrelevant ponderings anyway. Joe Jonas, no matter how much he tries to look smoldering and show off some muscle while holding a puppy, JJ is neither cool or sexy. In fact he