The Many Faces Of Taron Egerton

Now that Taron Egerton has taken that big hat off we can take a look at his face. We can now tell that Egerton in fact does not have many faces at all, he has only one face, confused.

Jumanji Next Level – review

A sequel to the Rock Jumanji movie released in 2017. Its more of the same, trapped in a game, avatars look different to real life people and they get chased by animals and try not to die. If you watched Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

Selena Gomez Sells Activewear

Selena Gomez has a full range of Puma clothes and shoes, you know, all sorts of spandex stuff you would wear to the gym (and apparently the airport), I have noticed a trend in how she models all this gear. How do I put this?

The Hunt – review

A group of strangers is wakes up in a strange location to find they are being hunted down and killed. The only one who appears smart and good with a gun is Crystal (Betty Gilpin), is determined to take out anyone that tries to kill

Weekly Roundup – 21 Mar 20

The world is rapidly falling apart and we are not going to mention the word that rhymes with My Sharona for thirty seconds, here are a few stories that might have flown so far under the radar you never even noticed them. It is a

Vin Diesel Loves Wearing White pt 1

Vin Diesel absolutely has a favourite colour when it comes to his wardrobe and that colour is white. Just how many pairs of white jeans does this man own? Too many I tell you. But he does look happy in those white trousers.

Weekly Roundup – 11 Mar 20

I was thinking that I really didn’t like Donnie Yens flashy sunglasses and shock discovery, they are his own brand. Donnieye get it? get it? Expect more on this soon. Jet Li on the other hand, loving his specs. He looks live some sort of

The Invisible Man – review

Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) leaves her long term abusive boyfriend. Not long after he commits suicide, but, and this is a big but, not only is he not dead, he is still a long term abusive boyfriend only now he is invisible. Great. Well this movie

Dark Waters – review

A lawyer working for a large corporation uncovers a plot involving a chemical company knowingly polluting and poisoning an entire community and possibly more, for a very long time. Generally speaking if Mark Ruffalo picks a film to star in, it is going to be

Orlando Bloom doesn’t like his dog to touch the ground

Why does Orlando Bloom always carry his dog? Maybe the dogs legs don’t work? Or Bloom is paranoid about germs on the puppers paws? The little dog is always at the airport, it will have to start planting trees to offset its carbon footprint. I