Frozen II – review

Queen Elsa is ruling her kingdom of Arendelle just fine, but personally she is a bit discontent and just may be something in the wild is calling out to her.

It has taken 6 years for the sequel to Frozen to arrive and all those 7 year olds that watched it over and over and over are now 13 and have aged out of Frozen. So who is Frozen II for?

The animation is both detailed and beautiful. And the songs are much more musical theatre that the first movie. Plus Idina Menzel gets to belt out those massive notes. So it has that going for it. Plus there is much more plot than the first movie. It might have just aged up with the audience. It’s about change. Both personal change and on a bigger scale.

Olaf is still annoying but occasional quite funny. Kristoff is the only character with not much to do in the sequel. And I get more gay vibes from Kristoff and the other guy who likes reindeer than I get from Elsa and Honeymaren.

Frozen II adds backstory and mythology, and really is about growing as a person. It also means Elsa levels up power wise (with room for a 3rd movie). The voice calling to Elsa, the ‘ahh ah ah ah’ is an absolute earworm and the scene with the water spirit is fantastic.

I think the story being told is more sophisticated than the first and the songs more musical theatre, which doesn’t necessarily make it more fun for everybody. But I did enjoy Frozen II. There are multiple outfit changes, so plenty of dress up outfits to sell to kids too.

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