I don’t get the Jonas Brothers

I just don’t get the Jonas Brothers, am I alone? Is it because I never watched the Disney Channel as a teenager?

They might have made a comeback, back from being Disney kids but they were never cool or respectable then and now they former Disney kids in their late 20s and are still kinda lame. But they are good at selling their stuff. Albums, concerts, a Vegas residency, documentaries, and judging by their smiles and overuse of the word happiness maybe just a little bit of their souls.

So they all might have a new wardrobe full of suits, but they used to wear suits rather enthusiastically 10 years ago too and nothing has changed, apart from the presence of socks and ties.

The Jonas Brothers covered Busted songs and I can’t believe I’m saying it, made them lame. Americans don’t know that in the year 3000 triple breasted women swimming round town totally naked.

Despite saying the purity rings were just for show, they have been through the ladies it’s hard to leave the Assemblies of God church behind. Don’t you think it is a bit odd that all three of them are married? You can take the evangelical christianity away from the boy but does it ever really leave?

You know the older one isn’t even called Kevin, he is called Paul. What is the point, swapping one nondescript name for another?

They used to be part of the Disney machine and Disney used to sell them with the all the other Disney kids. You know them, you recognise them. While they have distanced themselves from The Mouse and those naughty rebel girls Lovato and Cyrus for corrupting them. The Jonas brothers are still managing to boost their fame by hanging out with famous ladies (and Kevs wife).

This one is Nick, he really wants you to notice his arms.

Almost as much as he wants you to notice how much he loves a double breasted suit.

All the Jonas love a sophisticated smoke on a cigar.

The other one is Joe, he loves to break out the hair dye.

And was being genuinely serious about this moustache

He says overly soppy stuff like this:

From cravats and big hair to shiny suits and turtle necks, their fashion choices might have changed, but I’m still not buying it.