Vin Diesel loves taking fashion risks

Vin Diesel has always done his own thing when it comes to fashion choices, we know he loves a white vest and he occasionally wears a tracksuit to public events. Hats are something he should probably give a miss, they love him like hats love Channing Tatum. But during the press tour for XXX3 he has really made some bold choices. 

A lot of the fashion choices stem from the best thing in the original xxx movie, Vins amazing fur coat. Lets face it, it is probably the only thing you can remember from the movie. 

He has even tried to include some promotion for his Hannibal project on his undies. Keep trying Vin, keep trying. 

He was very pleased with the beading on his jacket. 


The other fur coat however just wasn’t quite the same as the other one, too many buckles none of them are doing anything. 

Then there is this white leather jacket with cherubs and possibly some crosstitch. Must be custom made, you can’t find that in Topman surely. 

Looking like a Brit on the way to the beach in Malaga, it is just a towel he has forgotten to take off. 


Digging that mid 90s dress with trousers combo, maybe not the army boots though eh Vin?