Shawn Mendes (and Camila Cabello) love taking coffee mugs for a walk during lockdown

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello may be a couple going for their daily walks during lockdown under the watchful view of the paparazzi, just like Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. But unlike Affleck and de Armas they don’t have facemasks and dogs, they have coffee mugs and pyjamas.

Sometimes Shawn goes solo, but always with a terrible mug to keep him company. This one says ‘cup of love’.

Seriously these two are both out in public in their jammies, yet they have both had the time to put their jewellery on? Nobody sleeps in hoop earrings or beaded necklaces.

Also that is a Minions mug, basically the mug you got as a gift with an Easter Egg one year. That mug that lives at the back of the cupboard and is eventually used for paintbrushes, Camila is drinking from that. I won’t even bring up the Crossfit t-shirt.

Here he is with a jam jar mug. Can I mention again the necklace, it looks like a curtain tieback.

Definitely pyjamas

How’s lockdown going Shawn? ‘Oh you know, keeping busy taking my coffee mug for its daily walk.’

No necklace today but still has the same pair of (probably smelly by now) slides for his daily mug walk.

On the other hand, a couple of mugs is less of a commitment than a dog.

These two should maybe take the lockdown time to invest in something nice from ASOS or just a nice dinner service.

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