Ben Affleck still loves taking his new girlfriend for a walk during lockdown

It may have been a month since we checked in on Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, but their walks haven’t slowed down and we can therefore assume that neither has their (public facing) new love. Only now, they have facemasks.

Sometimes the facemasks are fancy. Ooo leopard print.

Ben Affleck loves iced coffee and cigarettes so much he makes wearing that face mask completely pointless.

Those dogs must be getting absolutely hench, especially the small white one, it’s daily step count must be amazing.

That’s it Ben, look into the eyes of the waiting paparazzi.

Oh and by the the way Ben is from Boston and Ana is from Havana, did you know that? Did you pick up any clues at all?

I just hope they scoop the poop.