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The Many Faces of Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is most well known for playing James Bond, but regardless of movie he never smiles or wears a hat, and always has these faces to work with. Daniel Craig sure can pout, even if he gets stroppy if people ask him about it.

The Many Faces Of Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor has been in a lot of movies (Google tells me at least 60). If you take away Trainspotting and Moulin Rouge, he has been in a lot of stinkers and delivered some of the worse accents to boot. He has been in so

The Many Eyebrows Of Colin Farrell

It isn’t just the size and placement of Colin Farrells  eyebrows that grab your attention, it is the angles with which he contorts them. How is this even possible? If you combine Bert with a square root, it is close to Colin Farrells eyebrows. Or

The Many Faces Of Eva Green

Despite not actually appearing in many films I have seen, (apart from 300 Rise Of An Empire of course). Eva Green definitely has a distinct look that she works pretty much in every movie.  You could probably boil it down to sexy French lady but

The Many Faces of Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell may have had a variety of bad hair days and has a set of extremely angular eyebrows (more on this another time) but throughout a different number of genres and numerous facial hair stylings Colin Farrell roles have 2 things in common a)

The Many Faces Of Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen has 4 faces, Handsome Stranger, Mysterious Adventurer, Serious Man and Aragon. Viggo Mortensen has been around for a while now, and his career can be divided into two distinct phases defined as Roles Before Aragorn (RBA) and Roles After Aragorn (RAA). In the

The Many Faces Of Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell has been around for 5 decades, starting out as one of the first Disney kids, and wouldn’t you know Kurt Russell has developed a few recognisable faces over the years, the most common being take a gun to work, the second being facial

The Many Faces Of The Rock

We all know the The Rock (has he stopped trying to make Dwayne Johnson happen?) has at couple of familiar faces in real life. The internet has already mentioned the cuff link pose.  But he is also a very big fan of the angry traps

The Many Faces Of Anna Kendrick

By now we all know that Anna Kendrick loves a tiny handbag when she is on a red carpet, she may be everyones favourite girl next door/celebrity you want to be best friends with but in the movies she has four distinct roles that she plays

The Many Faces Of Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton has a reputation for being that actress that makes weird choices and whether she has picked a mainstream blockbuster or a small arthouse independent film, she is not one to shy away from playing a genderless angel, ageing forty years or being an evil ice queen.