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Nicole Kidman Loves different hair colours

Nicole Kidman has a great ability to transform into a role. This is helped by the fact that she is capable of changing hairstyles successfully, from icy blonde to fiery redhead, she has been there, done it and convinced us all. Here is a Nicole

Renee Zellweger Loves a Rainbow Umbrella

Would you just take a minute here to appreciate how well Renee Zellweger is working that rainbow umbrella on the red carpet and just how much that rainbow umbrella loves her in return. Clearly Zellweger knows how to style an umbrella, I mean she might

Keira Knightley Loves Hats, Smoking and Longing Looks

As previously discussed Keira Knightley has many faces amongst her favourites that she uses still uses regularly are The Pout, Lady on the phone and Smoking. She still loves to smoke and apparently can only smoke in one particular way. Keira is also a hat

Leonardo DiCaprio loves standing like a doorman

Leonardo DiCaprio has a certain way of standing when on the red carpet that makes him look like a bouncer at nightclub. A very classy, high end nightclub but still. He looks like he is missing a clipboard and a velvet rope. Is it the

Joe Keery Loves Sitting (on stools)

Bella Hadid might finally have a little competition for someone who loves to sit down as much as she does. Joe Keery might not be as famous as Bella (he is the one with the big hair from Stranger Things) but his sitting is very

Shawn Mendes hates Sleeves

If there is one thing that Shawn Mendes loves it is getting his arms out and treating the audience at his concerts to tickets to the gun show. For other people this might mean wearing a little vest or using any excuse to whip off

Jared Leto loves his own head

What could be more irritating than a ‘doing it better than Jesus’ poser that gets dressed in a Gucci washing machine? Well two of them of course. Carrying your own severed head doesn’t really fit the camp brief either but when you have a copy

Zac Efron loves the praying pose

Zac Efron has been on the red carpet recently. Promoting the excessively long titled Ted Bundy Netflix movie. As well as joining the peroxide rebellion, see more here. He has also been trying on a few different poses. See Chris Pratt, Tom Hardy and Donnie

Eva Green Loves A Hand On Hip Pose

Not only was Eva Green wearing a green dress for the Dumbo premiere, it also became entirely obvious that Eva Green has one tried and tested red carpet pose, and she is going to use it. She is not the only one with a trusty

Justin Bieber loves all the haircuts

Remember when Justin Bieber had a signature haircut circa 2008-10 and people were shocked when he changed it. Well now he has more visits to the hairdresser than you could ever want. Marvel at the collection of Justin Bieber haircuts below; from short to long.