Weekly Roundup – 30 Jan 18

Dylan O’Brien has a premiere outfit at Maze Runner: The Death Cure clearly saying I can’t really be bothered to be here. That or it has been  in a pile on his bedroom floor for at least three years.  

Who knew Sarah Jessica Parker was so into Dr Who?

When you have got your superhero pose down pat but … then you remember you aren’t Wonder Woman

Now I am pleased Big Sean has found a new pose, but I’m not sure what he is trying to tell us with these two fingers

If Demi Lovato is just naming things beginning with B in the room, she has missed #bathrobes and #bog 

Everyone at the Black Panther premiere looked super sassy, bright and colourful apart from  Martin Freeman who looked like he was from the accounts department and he was only there because he won a competition.

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