Weekly Roundup – 27 May 17

There is nothing that Will Smith could have possibly said that could be that funny. Jessica Chastain you are overdoing it just a bit.

Anyone else think Sophia Bush looks like a Stormtrooper that has just taken their helmet off?

Gal Gadot fixing another Wonder Womans tiara is the best thing to happen all month, and probably next month too. Fact.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, you remember the WW theme music when Wonder Woman turned up in Batman vs Superman and it was awesome?  Well I dare you to get through all 3 minutes and 41 seconds of this magical electric cellist? The red and blue lights! The outfit made of straps and buckles! Having a shower! The sexy angry cello face! It is just too much to take.

All Elisabeth Moss needs is a monkey purse and she would be doing a good Madonna from Whos That Girl. 

Anyone get Kid n Play vibes from Shailene Woodley if you look quick?

Not sure what The Mummy premiere has to do with a tennis court but there is is.