Weekly Roundup – 27 Mar 17

Has Cara Delevingne been hanging around Karl Lagerfeld for too long? Yes. Personally I think 30 minutes would be long enough with Lagerfeld I imagine he smells of cats, ashtrays and the Imperial War Museum. 


Rebecca Ferguson has got a wedding to officiate later, so if you could hurry it along please, that would be great.


If it wasn’t for the gold trainers you would think that Jared Leto is Forrest Gump half way through a really long run. 


So the original Power Rangers were wheeled out for the movie premiere and embarrassingly got them to do the ‘It’s morphin’ time’ thing, but it looks like they are going quack quack with their hands.


You know this Tom Hardy meme? Well have you seen Jake Gyllenhaal and his dead eye glare? Hardy ain’t got nothing on him.

He looks like Ryan Reynolds has just made a joke at his expense and he is not happy about it. Like he is 2 minutes away decking him.

Robert Pattinson looks like he is treating his nerdy little brother to a red carpet premiere. (Also does Pattinson have elastic bands around his shoes?)