Weekly Roundup – 26 Sep 17

See Margot Robbies face of regret? The face that says ‘ yep should have washed my hair and not relied on the dry shampoo.’

If  only Jesus knew about snapchat like Jared Leto he might still be alive today.

Do you ever think what if about Harry Potter?

What if Harry didn’t get the letter to Hogworts and had to sleep under the stairs and eat scraps for 7 years? Lennon Gallagher.

What if Harry Potter was really good at maths and decided to be a celebrity accountant, sorting offshore bank accounts for rich people? Zayn Malik. 

This is a picture of Natalie Portman with her head in a crocodiles mouth. Just thought you’d like to see. 

This is the premiere of Kingsman 2, I would like to draw your attention to 2nd from right Pedro Pascal. He has realised that clasp on his jacket isn’t doing him any favours.
Plus everyone else is wearing rather dapper double breasted jackets. What does Pedro Pascal do … 

He uses a distraction technique. 

Sometimes he looks like he is wearing a backpack to a premiere, so I guess he makes bad choices.