Weekly Roundup – 23 Oct 17

Rita Ora is happy to announce the results of her citizenship test, she is most definitely British, the only thing missing from this outfit is a teapot under her arm and a London bus.  

Yes Justin Bieber has more tattoos this week, but who cares about that? Check out that messy bathroom, coconut water, a spoon, cookies, black powder and that toothbrush in the sink. Hygiene is not high on the list in the Bieber household. 

While we are on the subject of Instagram posts, there is no way JLo carb loads for breakfast like that. 

I’ve found another PaRappa The Rapper fan, this time it is Justin Timberlake.

After last weeks, shopping for sneakers embarrassment  and lets face it, the problem with talking, Bella Hadid is back to what she does best, sitting, to be  exact; not sitting like a lady. But if everyone is busy looking at your nips no one will be bothered about you speaking, right?