Weekly Roundup – 23 Apr 17

Another round of premieres for a movie staring Chris Pratt means another collection of photos of Chris Pratt looking uncomfortable and not knowing what to do with his hands.  But he has a new pose in addition to the ‘doing up my button’ pose …

He has now picked the ‘vicar hands’ pose.

That wasn’t the only thing going on at the GotG2 premiere, Zoe Saldanas husband really does have the classic afghan hound look. Also is that a tattoo of his wife on his arm?


Whereas Joss Whedon is starting to look a lot like Phil Mitchell.


Jaden Smith is another ‘unintentional Minion’. 


This here, this is the most acting I have ever seen Charlie Hunnam do. Maybe I am impressed because he doesn’t have to talk.


Who cares about Yvonne Strahovski, it is all about the little kids face behind her. 


Jared Leto you are an irritating man. Playing the piano in a room made from marble is hardly a quest of self discovery, just you and a penknife and the sand now is it? 


Nathan Fillion, you deffo aren’t Malcolm Reynolds anymore. Put down the donuts, and go visit a tailor. Chris Pratt can give you a referral. You used to be Captain Tightpants (shakes head in disappointment).  

Coachella is usually prime material, and it doesn’t disappoint this year. I don’t think this photo of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin needs any words.