Weekly Roundup – 22 Jan 18

Nicholas Cage has taken his obsession to the next level, the sunglasses indoors, the jewellery, the pose. Nick Cage has gone end stage Elvis.  

Innocent little Big Sean, didn’t know there was a Disneyland in Paris. It’s only been there for 25 years. Who wants to tell him there is one in Tokyo too?

I thought Tessa Thompson was supposed to have style? Not sure about this outfit it looks like she has been tango’d. Look at those shoes? The heels are made from oranges!

Speaking of someone who is supposed to have style, Bella Hadid for once is using her legs and is actually standing, but would you see whats happened instead? She won’t take those ridiculous sunglasses off and has chosen her outfit in the dark. Its the only reason I can think of for forgetting a shirt and keeping those running trainers on.

It might be the duffle coat, but can anyone else see Paddington Bear when they look at Eddie Redmayne?

Watch out for Jada Pinkett Smith she might just have a dark lord under that scarf

If I was a Minion I would be on the phone to Gala Bingo, workers in yellow shirts and denim overalls, identity theft right there.