Weekly Roundup – 20 Nov 17

The sorting hat put Cara Delevingne in to house Burberry.

So this is the thumbnail that was selected for an Instagram video on The Rocks page, of all the frames to choose from this is the one that gets picked, what is going on here? The Rock really does not want to eat that pickle.

Dear The CW, please stop with the superhero shows, isn’t he a bit old for the target audience?  PS. goggles have never been cool. 

Speaking of goggles, don’t you just hate it when you go skiing and you get panda eyes the next day? 

2/3 of Destinys Child may have been at Serena Williams wedding but I recognise those faces, that face is when you turn up late and end up on the front row of an applied physics lecture and have to feign interest.  

Yeah, that guy on the right, I’d look like that if I was in Imagine Dragons too. (More on this another time).

When you are a cameraman trying to get to work on time but some bird keeps flashing your work colleague. Please show some respect Bella Hadid. 

Mark Wahlberg really doesn’t want to have a smelly plebs arm around his shoulders but he will grimace and count his money instead. 

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