Weekly Roundup – 19 Dec 17

Demi Lovato, this isn’t 2001 anymore, Britney and Justin may have worn this ghastly denim combo at the beginning of the 00s and we shall never let them forget, but what is Demis excuse for this denim lingerie number? Lost a bet maybe?

Holy Moly is Mila Kunis feeling brave or stupid? Wearing a Wonder Woman top, yes a DC hero to greet Mickey Mouse the owner of Marvel, and future owner of the whole world. Look how he is getting his fist ready for a gut punch while he distracts you with his smiling face.  

Big Sean thinks he is being super subtle but we can all see he is sniffing his finger.

What do you get if you cross Cher from Clueless, a Jane Fonda workout and an 80s skisuit? Yes you’ve guessed it, Rita Ora

The Rock is doing the Simpsons hands touchdown pose on the star on the walk of fame pose. the classic pose involves maintaining eye contact with the paparazzi while contacting the star with only your fingertips. Don’t tell Dwayne but Vin Diesel did this one before him, see here

What’s this? Our friend Bella Hadid not sitting for once? Hang on, what’s that she is smashing with a sledge hammer … oh it is a chair … never far away.

Here is an old favourite we haven’t seen for a while. Whats in Anna Kendricks tiny bag? Well this one is obvious, after an evening of selling herself in that window while wearing those heels, she pops on the foldable flats to walk home.