Weekly Roundup – 16 Oct 17


Chrissy Teigens face is telling me that these carwash fox tail sleeves looked  good on the hanger but in real life, she has regrets … but Cosmo thinks it is so damn hot.

Have you seen ‘Bella Hadid goes sneaker shopping’? Here. Oh boy, she should probably stick to just sitting for a while before she does anymore talking.  Her outfit and her language and her favourite sneaker is straight from 1998. Dope.

But she is over it, back to work, and enjoying Oktoberfest.


If that combo doesn’t put you off Mecca Bingo then nothing is going to deter you from the poor mans casino.


Expect to see Big Seans girlfriend, Jhene Aiko on Tattoo Fixers getting a cover up next year. Yep that’s Big Seans face on her arm.

Blac Chyna has been rummaging around in Andrew Lloyd Webbers closet again.