Weekly Roundup – 16 Jun 17

So this week it was the premiere of that rubbish looking movie Rough Night, about a bachelorette party that accidentally kills a stripper, comedy ensues. Yes apparently a dead stripper = funny. But anyway I thought that I should point out this smiling girl in the background as she is having a great time, in every photo. 

Bella Hadid was dressed for tennis at the French Open, did she get a wild card entry or was she just incredibly overdressed for sitting in a folding plastic chair for 3 hours?

It is good to see Jason Momoa brings his own sandwiches in tinfoil with him for long journeys. But perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised, dude wears flip flops and a leather vest. 

GQ think that you should choose a blazer befitting your tshirt. Befitting … but not actually fitting. That jacket is too small. Ryan Reynolds needs to have a word with Ansel Egort, he knows all about wearing tiny jackets

Jared Leto and his jesus complex has gone too far. He needs to wind it back in a bit. Not even Jesus could levitate. Let alone do an impression of Randy Savage wearing a table cloth. 

We have another celebrity unintentionally dressed as a Minion . This time it is Hayley from Paramore. Keep your eyes peeled as Minions are everywhere.