Weekly Roundup – 15 Apr 17

The cropped haircut, the vicar hands, the colour co-ordinated trouser suit. I don’t think it is my imagination, I think Gemma Arterton is deliberately imitating Julie Andrews. 


Who wants to tell Carrie Underwood she has her trousers on backwards?


Pixie Lott is tired of hiding her love of The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl In 3-D and now she just doesn’t care who knows it. 


I’m sorry were you saying something? I was suddenly distracted by hypnoboobs. 


Say what you want about Will Smith, if I had the opportunity to hit Jaden Smith over the head with some spaghetti I would go and do it too. 


Why is Nicki Minaj auditioning for the role of (robot) Medusa? Beats me.


Poor Big Sean, he thinks he looks like Bane, he actually looks like Ikea Monkey.