Weekly Roundup – 14 Mar 17

So this scruffy fella who reminds me of a perfect mix of Harry Potter and Angelos Epithemiou, is another Hadid – Anwar, here dressed head to toe in Derelicte.

Fashion inspired by Star Wars found here. It is a bit of a stretch to say the least. She is trying to out robot C3PO, but she isn’t wearing gold? Must try harder, have a walk round Comic-Con next year, yeah?


This is even worse. Are they saying that the beast changed into a man using Persil or that it is how his clothes look so good all the time. Does he sew them himself I wonder? Or even own a washing machine?


It is times like Gael Garcia Bernal being shorter than a 20 year old Hailee Steinfeld at the Oscars that make you realise why Robert Downey Jr doesn’t step foot on a red carpet without his wedge trainers. 


I don’t know who told Jon Bernthal he cold wear his snapback like this, but if Channing Tatum can’t do it, then you can’t either mate. 

Do you believe that JLo would ever have a picnic, and eat cheap white bread ham sandwiches that stick to the roof of your mouth? Despite what the photo is telling me, I can’t see it happening.