Weekly Roundup – 14 Jan 18

New year, new gym clothes. What better reason to wear gym clothes is there, than sitting on the floor while cuddling a dog sat on the sofa? There is none. 

Is Chris Hemsworth wearing too much jewellery or is it just me? He looks like a Pandora ad.  

Mary J Blige is doing the classic Mermaid pose on her Walk Of Fame Star ceremony. (Also that lady behind probably wishes she wore different boots, she didn’t know her leg would be in every photo.)

Things Jared Leto can do that Jesus couldn’t number 41, wear plaid, and be smug about it. (It was loin cloths or nothing back in JCs day)

Armie Hammer and his wife Elizabeth Chambers sure do look like a couple of snooty pants. Chambers looks like she knows a secret about me but would take a bowl of only red m&ms, a puppy with 3 legs and a bottle of super hot tabasco sauce to keep quiet.

This here, this is a cool cat in a pair of shades. This a pair of wannabe cool cats in shades. If it isn’t Halloween you can’t dress up like Trinity and Morpheus from the Matrix. You just look like that kid at school that gets bullied for wearing a trench coat because they are totally obsessed with being Neo. (See any school circa 1999-2000) 

We might as well check on Bella Hadid, what is she doing … you guessed it, sitting awkwardly on something that didn’t ask to be sat on. 

There is a lot more going on in this photo than just Natalie Portman telling that guy to move his foot off Mariah Careys dress. The guy on the left is so ready for his close up, the person this side of the camera is also pointing at the dress stepping incident, and Carey is also partaking in dress stepping but doesn’t really care if America Ferrera rips her dress.