Weekly Roundup – 12 Aug 17

What can I say August 2017 has been slow going for stories that you might find amusing. This weeks roundup features a lot of people making poor choices.

Ariel Winter wonders why her dog doesn’t care that she is twerking, er … it’s a dog not a fourteen year old boy. Plus, it looks like you are farting in his face, somebody call the aspca. 

Poor Scott Eastwood, he might be a Very Handsome Man™ but this is what happens when you can’t act. You say yes to any offer that comes your way, even Overdrive. From the makers of Taken and writers of 2 Fast 2 Furious, if that combo doesn’t put you off nothing will.

I don’t know what Scott is sniffing in that poster but he doesn’t like it. Not to mention this Topman sweater from 2002 he was wearing to the premier. At least try Scott. I’m not going to mention the guy in the denim sandwich who may or may not have one eye. 

Not sure if Channing Tatum is talking in code, drunk or I just don’t get it, but these sentences make no sense to me.  

As with most other aspects of Blac Chynas life, it is an almost but not quite right. This time – she is very nearly dressed as a Minion, but just not quite.

Poor Diego Luna, last year he was staring in Star Wars, this year he is in a remake of Flatliners we didn’t ask for, with a load of b-listers (sorry Ellen Page but Inception is 7 years old) and the poster looks so much like a new CW show, you don’t have to wonder who this terrible idea is aiming at.