Weekly Roundup – 08 Jun 18

You know that awkward moment at work when you get stuck with a person you only ever say hello to in the corridor and its now been approximately 4 minutes and the polite conversation about the weather and how bad the traffic was this morning has been said and now it is just uncomfortable silence. This must be super awkward silence as they are married. 

Instyle magazine you are so wrong, there is nothing perfect about a scooter. The only thing that could make a scooter less cool, is a little plastic windscreen and the only thing more naff than that is two people riding said scooter. 

Major props for pointing out the problems with the not quite Dirty Dancing lift, but Emila Clarke has forgotten one thing, Jason Momoa is wearing his slippers.  

I don’t know if Steve from Stranger Things had a massive hangover or if he has been strangely photoshopped but Joe Keery looks like a completely different person.

We haven’t seen Anna Kendrick for a while but I am pleased to see she hasn’t forgotten her tiny handbags. What is in her tiny bag this time? A tiny sewing kit for all those red carpet outfit mishaps. 

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, more like girl with a chicken tattoo. 

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