Weekly Roundup – 07 May 17


I know I have gone on a lot lately about Chris Pratts obvious use of the ‘you’ve caught me doing up my buttons’ pose but the reason why he does it becomes obvious when you see Billy Crudups rather awkward pose on the Alien Covenant red carpet. He looks like he is about to start Riverdancing. 

Another classic Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star mermaid pose, see more here, just to emphasize the mermaid-ness, Kurt Russell is playing the role of pirate, going in for a super awkward kiss. 

Kristen Bell, I haven’t seen a fake smile that ingenuine since Britney Spears circa 2012. Charlie Hunnam must really smell bad.

Do you think Rita Ora regrets the location of her feather tattoo? Is it just me or does it make Rita look like she has a very hairy armpit?

When there is that much denim on more that one person at the same time, one of you needs to go home and change, asap. Joe Jonas has visions of Britney and Justin, while Sophie Turner wishes she was the fifth member of Bwitched. 

Jason Momoa may be dressed like he is ready to start painting and decorating not filming Aquaman, but everthing you need to know about Momoa is in this photo.