Weekly Roundup – 06 Jun 17

I guess Victoria Beckham is really looking forward to the Justice League movie, she is such an Aquaman fan (or she likes carrots).

Heidi Klum must have a big tax bill to be promoting #lidlfashionweek. This isn’t on Heidis personal Instagram account, I checked. 

Janelle Monae is seriously working that piano tie outfit. 

Oh dear Bella Hadid and this designer look like a right barrel of laughs. They look like that well dressed but supremely boring couple you get stuck with during dinner at a friends wedding and you end up drinking all the wine to amuse yourself while listening to their dull conversation. 

Jared Leto gets dressed in a washing machine, it might be Gucci but that don’t make it cool. What A Mess. 

You know else gives me Jared Leto vibes, Donald Glover, he acts, he sings, he wins awards and he wears pretentious clothing (esp expensive Gucci cardigans with Donald Ducks on them). I think he could take Chers place in Tea With Mussolini with that headwear though.