Weekly Roundup – 06 Aug 17

Matthew Mcconaughey looks like he just thought of a really funny knock knock joke but doesn’t want to share it yet, whereas Idris Elba looks like his last lesson at school was PE so he just put his blazer on and ran home in his sports kit.


Blake Lively needs to take a step back. Her love of guacamole has gone too far.


Lets hope Marvels The Defenders have better on screen chemistry that these 4 awkward people standing next to each other would have us believe. I haven’t seen such  body language since The Spice Girls decided they needed some more cash.

Serena Williams may have had a 1950s themed baby shower but did anyone stop to ask why? Are themed baby showers a thing now? Or was she just looking for any reason to wear a poodle skirt? I am a fan of Serenas (I guess) mother looking bored of this nonsense already sat at the back in the flatbed. 

Brooklyn Beckham should cut out the middle man and just get ‘regret’ tattooed on himself. He is only 18 and is up to tattoo number 7 already. The latest one over his heart says Mamas Boy.  It could be worse, it could say total muppet.  

Also please tell me when did it become socially acceptable to keychain your keys to your belt?

Time for a check in with Bella Hadid. Oh good, she is sitting, as expected. 

Justin Bieber looks like he has been told there are sweets in the back of the van if he wants them. This guy looks like exactly what you expect a white van driving cult leader to look like. Notice the three phones, lack of socks and abundance of jewellery. Suspicious for sure.