Weekly Roundup – 05 Nov 17

When you go all out with your Edward Scissorhands costume, then you see Lady Gagas Edward Scissorhands costume and suddenly your foam scissors just look inadequate. Bad luck Rami Malek, there is always next year.

Gerard Butler clearly knows that promoting Geostorm when it is an absolute stinker, is actually quite difficult, so what does he do? Classic distraction technique. Point, wave and have a really good time, that way nobody can ask you questions.

When you turn up to a film premiere and it dawns on you … this is your wifes coat, jeans and trainers. 

But it doesn’t really matter as Mark Wright wasn’t actually invited, he is here for work but clearly can’t resist the camera.  

It is time for another check in with Bella Hadid, and what do you know? she still can’t sit in a chair properly. 

Take a look at Ben Afflecks belly poking out. That is all.

Something Jared Leto can do that Jesus couldn’t number fifteen, have a pet Borzoi and take it for long walks through Central Park.

Chad Michael Murray might not have been in a movie since 2004 but he was sure to keep the costume. It does come it handy when you have limited funds for a Halloween costume.