Weekly Roundup – 04 Oct 17

2nd Gen Day Lewis,  (famous for being son of Daniel), here he is showing off a very grown up blend of tattoos and chest hair, but really he is doing his best Sickboy impression.

Jared Leto is showing off another thing he can do, that Jesus could not do, levitate.

Now I am not calling Demi Lovato a seal, just that she looks totally uncomfortably perched on something she might fall off, while trying to look sexy (like this seal)

This guy isn’t famous, but he is dressed like a minion. Found this corker on the government pensions website.

Is it just me or is David Beckham looking a bit like a tired old dog these days? Too much hair and not enough moisturiser? 

Is Katy Perry turning into Jamie Lee Curtis? Or has another Freaky Friday happening?