Weekly Roundup – 04 Apr 17

The villain to be featured in Spider-Man Homecoming is Vulture, while I appreciate that they are going for that furry ruff  thing from his costume, really it looks like Vin Diesel has seriously let himself go, hasn’t been to the gym for a year and hasn’t eaten anything for a long time either.


The trouble when you are a famous actress married to a country music singer, you have to go to all the award shows and sit in the front row, and pretend to be having fun. Whereas Tim McGraw is going to Grumpy Cat if he wants to and Faith Hill just carries an invisible keyboard with her where ever she goes. 


Have you ever seen anyone look more uncomfortable in a friendly neck hold than Charlie Hunnam right here?


Not sure why Minnie Mouse was at a fashion award show, but this is the appropriate face you make when you meet her.
This sexy pose, is not.


There is so much happiness in this photo and I don’t believe a second of it. Fake smiles all round. 

Another photo tells a different story.


It has been 8 years since Prison Break was on TV and if we are being honest both the fellas look like they have been enjoying themselves a bit too much, especially Dominic Purcell who could pass as a California Raisin. 


When you go casual and he goes business, you both look messy.