Weekly Roundup – 03 Mar 17

Alicia Keys doing some interpretive Beetlejuice outfit styling. 


Now Orlando Bloom is back in the market for a rich wife, he is back trawling the beaches of Malibu to hook a wealthy bird. He is sucking in that belly and working that sand like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. (at least his shorts are on this time).

While we are on the subject of Orlando Bloom, it looks as though Scarlett Johansson has been taking life lessons from the scruffy sailor of Malibu himself. The stripes, the denim, the hand holding of small child (almost ScarJo). Not sure what to think about the guy creeping round the corner.

Now we are on the subject of ScarJo, I see the marketing of Ghost In The Shell looks as devolved as the interpretation of the source material. It has basically come down to – if you squint a bit she totally looks naked. 

So the lady on the left doesn’t get a mention. How rude. I tried really had not to mention that Emma Roberts is wearing nana glasses, but Emma Roberts is clearly wearing nana glasses, no matter what any stylist may tell you ducky, they are never going to be cool.  

Helena Bonham Carter doesn’t need a reason to dress like a crazy person, but I would like to point out that cowboys would not wear those shoes. Same goes for the fella in the back in those Reebok Classics. 


Chris Martin is getting his scratch on, no wonder he looks so happy. 


Nothing says Bad boy Rebel like a backwards chair and some coconut water. Ellie Goulding always knows how to keep it real.