Weekly Roundup – 03 Dec 17

This weeks roundup is all about the art of acting natural.

So why exactly is Floyd Mayweather on the Great Wall of China dressed like Amelia Earhart and carrying a huge bag that Mary Poppins would be proud of? The same reason Mayweather does anything, somebody paid him. 

Nothing says thank you for the Grammy nominations like an impromptu horse ride while wearing nothing but a cape

When your mum has a book out and you have to give it a plug but you know … act natural with it. Look relaxed, wear a robe even, but make sure you get the sell  

If Joe Manganiello thinks that by casually revealing the post credit scene to Justice League will make us interested in him, his career prospects, his terrible costume or future Justice League plots, he is sadly mistaken

How about Bella Hadid just casually sitting, well okay, uncomfortably perched on a log, if we are being honest.

Or maybe Bella Hadid casually sitting like a lady. Excuse me, Miss Penthouse ’98, put your knees together. I could drive a boat show in there.

A young adult romantic drama staring Bella (The Kisser) Thorne and Son of Arnie, it is a no from me

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