Top 10 Wetsuits in the Movies

Wetsuits in the movies can be pretty gratuitous, so for this list I have tried to avoid movies where characters could justifiably be wearing a wetsuit,  you know like surfing or fighting sharks.  This top 10 features people who are just in wetsuits for purposes of wearing unnecessarily tight clothes, for very little plot purposes.

The entire advertising campaign of the Tomb Raider sequel was based on Angelina Jolie wearing a tinfoil wetsuit and having a really long plait. 2003 really was a different place. 

If the fact that Sue Storm goes round with the zip undone on her wetsuit is bad enough (if she is invisible no one is going to see her boobs fall out anyway) I actually think that the short sleeve and glove combo of the remake is even worse. Still showing some skin cause she is the girl on the team but like, keeping it classy.

In Haywire Gina Carano goes full spy by swimming then fighting in a wetsuit, followed by having a complete outfit change then continuing to punch bad guys.

So many wetsuits and they are all so important for getting access into computer programs and lighting up at the same time.

Is she a human, is she a robot? It might be an underdeveloped and wasted plot point from Prometheus, but standing and staring in a wetsuit sure adds to the creepy factor. 

To counter the usual wetsuit ogling we have The Aquatic Life. Thanks Bill Murray. 

There is plenty of James Bond in a wetsuit choices. But I pick this red number worn by Sean Connery in Thunderball. It has a crotch.

This could be classed as a burkini rather than a wetsuit, I don’t know why she is wearing it but once seen never forgotten.

I said 2003 was a different place entirely earlier didn’t I? Well I take it back, the entire advertising campaign for Ghost In The Shell is based on  ScarJo looking naked in a wetsuit.

What better and more logical place for wetsuits than all the crew working the bridge on the Starship Enterprise. (Also Chris Pine is totally breathing in).