Top 10 Square Haircuts

No matter how many times I see an impossibly  square hair cut it surprises me.  Not just because I just don’t understand how hair manages to grow straight up like it is frightened but also why anyone would think that is a good look I’m going to choose that.

More often than not it is the haircut of a villain or generally unlikable person.

It is easy to blame the military for all the flat top haircuts and Rocky IVs Ivan Drago is the perfect example of a no-nonsense tough guy without having to say a work, thanks in large part to his hair. 

J Jonah Jameson  is only mildly irritating rather than all out bad, but he does have a square haircut and it’s not even straight.

Frank Sidebottoms hair is square and flat and glossy. And it gives me nightmares like you can’t imagine

Top Gun was released a year after Rocky IV and Iceman clearly borrows his haircut from Drago.  None of the other top guns have this haircut so don’t blame the air force, this one is all the choice of having a villainous cut.  He is bad, he is blonde and he probably wants to kiss you.

Wolverines hair in the comics is crazy wild tufts but sometimes this just doesn’t translate in the movies, often his hair is strangely square and not tufty at all.   

Kurt Russell may have been the original O’Neill in the Stargate movie but this is not good, just look at that frightened expression of his. 

Viggo Mortensen may have more curve to his hair than others in this list but just look at the height of that do, he gets an extra two inches taller. You wouldn’t mess with him

Kevin Bacon from A Few Good Men, look how similar Kev and that microphone in front of him look. 

Malcolm from Dope doesn’t need to wear a hat like his mates when his hair is bigger than a hat, we haven’t seen a hi top fade like this since House Party

Kevins older brother from Home Alone is a horrible boy. He owns a pet spider and has a flat top that makes him a villain.