Top 10 people who can fly

Inspired by Lady Gaga and her ability to strike a series of amazing poses while flying, I thought we’d take a look at some other people who know how to fly and showboat while doing so.


Rose from Titanic – ‘I’m flying Jack’ … well not really flying, but you’ve lived a pretty boring sheltered existence so we let you get away with it. 


This astronaut, sorry I don’t know her name – the only way a regular human can pretend they are flying like Superman is in zero gravity. But this astronaut really looks like she is having fun.  


Mary Poppins – she has style, she has grace, she has a magical suitcase.


Simone Biles – any of the USA gymnastic team can be included, but this is an amazing pose, face included. 


Gandalf – dude has the Eagles on speed dial he flies around Middle Earth so much.


The Queen from the opening ceremony from the London Olympics – who knew The Queen was such a daredevil?


Westlife – it’s 1999, they are all in white and they are flying without wings.


Justin Bieber – If Jesus can walk on water Bieber can do one better, he can fly on water. 


Pink – a one woman Cirque Du Soleil, she flies, she sings, she flies and sings upside down at the same time.