Top 10 Man Buns

Man Buns are everywhere in Hollywood, if you haven’t got one are you even relevant? 

Kit Harrington wears the man bun of contractual obligation

Bradley Cooper, bit of a weak one really, more of a top knot you give to a dog to keep its fur out of its eyes

Leonardo DiCaprio has the eco warrior man bun, notice the greasy locks

Andrew Garfield looks like he has a selection of expired pharmaceuticals in his car, he would be willing to sell you, for a very reasonable price. 

Gareth Bale and his man bun is who David Beckham would be if he was photocopied over and over again until he didn’t look quite right anymore.

Brad Pitt has the old man man bun, lop it all off and gain back 10 years

He is super tall, red, has filed down horns, is sort of bald yet still has the best man bun around

Orlando Bloom had the man bun before it was fashionable.

Chris Hemsworth is modelling the guy who works in the IT dept man bun, he teams his jeans with a shirt/waistcoat combo and ties his hair up to be respectable at work

Jake Gyllenhaal has the scruffy beard and man bun combo, which just looks like he is too lazy to go to a barbers and ask for a trim.