Top 10 Full Body Tattoos in the Movies

You know someone means business when they have a body full of tattoos in the movies.

Other tattooed characters in movies may have one signature tattoo or even a couple, but a character with plenty of tattoos, well it is a shorthand way to let the audience that the tattoo wearer is more than likely prone to violence, may be a little bit crazy, feels no pain, is familiar with criminal activities and more that likely have been to prison.

Lets take a look at the top 10 full body tattoos in the movies.

Leonard Shelby from Memento – well he certainly ticks the crazy box and shows a willingness to commit violence.

Max Cady from Cape Fear – Prison tattoos and crazy eyes. Everything you need to know right there.

Jacob Harlon from Shotcaller – the tattoos (and the moustache) take him from middle class family man to legit badboy.

Nikolai from Eastern Promises – these aren’t prison tattoos these are Russian gang tattoos.  Don’t mess with him.

Sirius Black from Harry Potter – We don’t get to see them properly in the movies but Black probably drew these magic rune like tats in Azkaban prison. 

Mickey from Snatch – they make his character more interesting that just Brad Pitt with an accent plus it adds a criminal look to him.

Darth Maul from Star Wars – we never really get to appreciated Mauls tats in The Phantom Menace but his whole body has these tribal tattoos. He has no pain.  

Red Dragon from Red Dragon/Manhunter/Hannibal – such a big tattoo it has been portrayed in all three incarnations of the character. He is violent. 

Luke from Place Beyond The Pines – the tattoos make his character a bit trashy and with a penchant for robbing banks he is a criminal too

Seth Gecko from From Dusk Till Dawn – It may scream mid 90s now but this tattoo that goes from neck to hand makes Seth dangerous and he was just broken out of prison for all sorts of violent crimes.

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