The problem with Smurfette Syndrome

Reese Witherspoon talked about the Smurfette Syndrone recently, see here.

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She isn’t wrong, being the only girl in the village happens a lot. For as long as there has been movies with a team of people, no matter the genre, there is usually only one space for a lady on the team.

Even Rogue One which was applauded for having a (well rounded) female lead in an action adventure movie, still falls at the Smurfette Syndrome. She ain’t got no lady friends on that team of hers.

But if you go the other way and have all female cast, the movies are only aimed at women. Almost exclusively comedy and covered in pink. 

But it isn’t all bad I guess, there are groups that apply the two girls per team rule like the Power RangersImage result for power rangers

Or Stargate (Atlantis Only) The original Stargate is full Smurfette syndrome however.

But the real rarities are  teams where the gender sways slightly in the female side, how rare is it to have more that two girls per team and ever more unusual is when this doesn’t result in a 50/50 split but when female outweigh the male team members. And you know what you probably never noticed this was the case with these examples.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the higher the season number the more the girls.

Pushing Daisies, the main character is male but the majority of the supporting cast is female.

Resident Evil Series, there is a revolving door of characters throughout but Alice is no Smurfette.

Scream, this one counts even if you exclude Drew Barrymore as she is not part of a team.

S Club 7, ain’t no party like an S Club party, they say so.

Runaways, this team has always been more girls that boys no matter the line up, can’t say the same for the Avengers.