The Problem With Liam Payne

The problem with Liam Payne? Well the short answer, he just isn’t cool is he. But why isn’t he cool lets take a look.

He dresses like Justin Bieber, but somehow Bieber makes it work. Liam looks like he thinks he should be wearing clothes like other people his age, without realising that he looks a bit of a plonker. Also Bieber wears his own tour merchandise so actually makes money from wearing his clothes.  

In his head Liam Payne is a bad boy from Compton but really he is just a little lad from Wolverhampton in need of guidance. 

Anyone else think he has a mouth like Jamie Oliver?

Did I mention he wears terrible clothes?

You can wear the biggest gold chain you can afford, and being in One Direction means you can afford a pretty big chain, but that is never going to make you JayZ.

He is just a 24 year old who loves his Xbox

Who occasionally likes a cheeky Benson and Hedges when the missus isn’t looking

And has a matching tattoo with his girlfriend

Oh yeah there is that as well, the judge/contestant on X-Factor is a strange meet cute. People would probably talk about this more if the genders were flipped

What about the other members of One Direction how are they getting on? It is a mixed bag really.  Niall Horan is going steady with his guitar and is still keeping his arms free of tattoos

Lets face it Zayn is a bit of a douche, why? was it the robot arms? his blonde hair rebellion or thinking that wearing a matching suit with your girlfriend makes you genderfluid?  

Harry love a flouncy suit or two and has a respected album. It has made top ten lists of the year and everything.

Louis Tomlinson posts on Instagram like he is updating his Tinder profile, one terrible selfie at a time. 

Poor Liam, his wardrobe could really do with a make over

But he appears to be oblivious to his terrible clothes and is happy with life