The Problem with Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are very successful, they have won a Grammy, sold loads of albums and set records for streaming, but they are disliked by many. But you know what the real problem with Imagine Dragons is? Overexposure.

We all know they love to drum, right?

And the lead singer waves his arm in the air so much he looks like he is preaching a sermon

Sometimes they all wear clothes like a well groomed Jesus

Apparently there used to be a girl Imagine Dragon, never seen her before, have you? 

Sometimes the lead singer dresses like he has to work in the kitchen (part time of course)


But off stage they are just 4 guys with facial hair, who might be a bit unconventional looking

But they are winning awards and medals, who else gets medals eh?

Even if sometimes they misunderstand the assignment 

But they know how to have a good time

Wherever they are, whatever they do

Okay so maybe they aren’t that cool


But they get their music on a lot of movie soundtracks, I mean a lot of soundtracks from Passenger to Kung Fu Panda 3. 

Even when the song doesn’t actually appear in the movie itself. If there is an open spot for a drum based song on the soundtrack in general, Imagine dragons will be there in a shot. 

They are even in game purchases for games

But it is movie trailer music where Imagine Dragons have really found their niche.  From superheroes to 1920s detectives to creepy space stalkers apparently there is no movie that the music of Imagine Dragons can’t embody.  This list shows them all here.


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