The Many Faces of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks surprisingly has only one face, that of a trusted friend. He is an all round good guy. In whatever form, Tom Hanks is a hero A hero you believe in One you want to follow One who leads in tricky situations One who knows to do the right thing

Occasionally he is just a bit of a loner He is on his own in the world

Unlike Leonardo DiCaprio, Hanks rarely dies

Even rarer is when Hanks plays a bad guy

If it is a romcom look for Meg Ryan lurking round

If it is pre1990s, they are a bit more difficult to tell apart, but he is always scruffy.

Speaking of telling stuff apart, the way you can tell which Da Vinci Code it is, the first one he holds stuff The second one, he puts his hands on his hipsThe third one, he points at everything

A lot of the other films, you’ve probably watched when they were on TV but can’t remember the name. But Tom Hanks is in it so you know it will be watchable. 

This hair is worse than his mullet from Da Vinci Code