The Many Faces Of Chris Pine

Chris Pine has two looks, for the longest time I thought he had only one look – smug. But it turns out that he has another face in his arsenal – confused. It also happens that he uses this face as much as smug. 

Lets take a look at smug first:

He is smug hugging a payphone in Horrible Bosses 2


Smug while looking like he will smell of wet dog. A difficult one to pull off in Z For Zachariah.

Not quite sure what he has to be smug about, he has massive hair, is uncomforabley slouched against a tree, hugging Anne Hathaway and his belly is sticking out, but he is still smug in Princess Diaries 2. 


Spreading smugness on a walkie talkie in Unstoppable

The smuggest cave man you have ever seen, in stretch. 


Smug and blind in Blind Dating, at least I think he is supposed to be blind.


Smug despite carrying around that mustache in Hell Or High Water

Smug with a gun in This Means War. No gun face for Chris Pine. 


Two things at once smugness and bike riding in Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit. 

Even though we can only see half his face, we can tell he is smug under that mask. 

Now for the confused

We are all confused by this in Smokin Aces
You would think this Prince Charming would be smug but is totally confused by everything in Into The Woods. 
Confused and catching flies in Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Confused about life in Star Trek Into Darkness
Confused about whatever is growing out of the back of Lindsay Lohans Head in Just My Luck

He is smug and confused on the bluray cover. (or maybe on drugs).

And the apex of smug x confused look is clearly Star Trek